Monday, September 3, 2012

Experience the World with Some Fantastic Freelance Careers

For most of us our responsibilities mean we have to remain in one city and do one job behind one desk in one office – unless we move to a new company, but then it’s the same thing. It’s for this reason that many people are looking at freelance careers as a way to live more flexible and varied lives. There are a few careers that give people the opportunity to travel and enjoy the finer things in life while earning a living. These are some great ideas for youngsters graduating who want to travel and make an income at the same time. It also means the subjects are more varied while offering an education in different cultures and networking.

Cruise Liners

This is one of the most popular careers opportunities that kids look at when they graduate. Because liners are self-contained they are equipped to employ everyone from dishwashers to doctors. The world is literally your oyster if you decide to work on a cruise liner. It’s a freelance career of sorts. You can work full-time, or you could be a freelance writer working on the liner’s newsletter. Freelance photographers also work on board sometimes to capture the cruises and passengers, while the freelancer notches up the money.

Teaching English

English is considered the business to learn if you want to do business on a global scale. Businessmen and women the world over often employ freelancers to teach them English, and very often their teachers are native English-speaking freelancers. So, if it’s your first language and your travel plans are set, then off you go. Embrace one of the best freelance careers and have fun.

Travel Writer

This is one of the most fantastic freelance career choices out there. Now that blogs are a dime-a-dozen many travellers find themselves updating their blogs everyday with their latest antics in some remote region of the world. It’s all down to advertising. If you can find tourism boards who would buy your work to boost their numbers then throw them some material on their coolest hotspots and see what the outcome is. It’s not a stable salary but what it loses in money it makes up for in some of the coolest experiences and places that many of us can only dream of.
If you feel you may not want to do this for fear of the irregular income and because you have commitments that require more security then it’s understandable that you don’t decide on any of the freelance careers that require travelling. However, if you’re young and want to see the world as well as build your portfolio; please go ahead because the rest of the world who have to remain at home forever need to live vicariously through someone.

Vida Denning is a prolific writer who loves travel writing. She has done her fair share of writing while travelling and in some cases worked from office space in San Francisco and other major cities for clients.

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