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How are Fireworks Used Across the World?

Celebrate Good Times

Fireworks #1
Fireworks #1 (Photo credit: Camera Slayer)
Of course the main purpose of fireworks is as a means of celebration. Whether it be for a birthday party, or a general occasion such as a national holiday, for example, it is very regular to see fireworks used as the central focus of any party.
We looked at how fireworks are used in various countries around the world, and why they are significant.

Bonfire Night

The obvious one is in the United Kingdom, where every year on the 5th of November the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot is celebrated by burning an effigy and lighting fireworks. The burning of an effigy is perhaps a little sinister in the 21st Century, however Bonfire Night is a tradition that is looked forward to and enjoyed by almost everyone, except domestic animals who get very scared and withdrawn when they hear the at times ferocious noises!

United States

Although you might have thought that the biggest and best firework displays are reserved for American 4th of July celebrations, the biggest display in the country actually takes place at the opening of the Kentucky Derby racing festival.
Fireworks have been popular in the United States for many centuries, and their use can be traced back to the earliest settlers arriving in the country.
At Walt Disney resorts across the country, they use innovative fireworks that explode using compressed air rather than gunpowder. This enables them to produce much more spectacular displays and have a greater degree of control over the accuracy and timing of fireworks.

Japanese Festivals

If you love fireworks then I suggest you take a trip to Japan during the summer months. At this time of year fireworks are massively popular and demonstrations are held almost every day. There are over 200 fireworks displayed held in the month of August alone!
These public displays are basically street parties where everyone is invited. Many attract up to one million spectators, and there are many Japanese food stalls and other exciting things set up to enjoy.


In Singapore, like in many Far Eastern countries, fireworks are popular the whole year round. However, their widest use is undoubtedly reserved for National Singapore Day, which falls in August of each year. Large public displays attract thousands of spectators and are often accompanied by other entertainment such as musicians, or made into fireworks “competitions” where teams compete to create the most awe inspiring display.

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